Sunday, 12 February 2017

Bad Education

Rating: 8/10

Bad Education, is written, created by and starring Jack Whitehall. Jack Whitehall, plays Alfie Wickers, "the worst teacher to ever grace the education system". He's about as hopeless as the kids he teaches.

As a teenager myself, I found the characters and what they are going through relatable. Which is probably why I gave it an 8/10. It's enjoyable watching a programme and being able to relate the characters to people in my school. Every type of stereotypical person at a school is portrayed in this programme: the gay one, the clever one, the fat one, the bad ass one, the slutty one... etc. However, I don't think it would appeal to many other audiences other than teenagers, so I can see why some people don't like it! I think to fully enjoy this programme you have to be a teenager, to get all the jokes, but if you are older, don't let this put you off, it is a very good comedy and will definitely make you laugh.

I often find myself watching this programme thinking, "Why can't my teachers be more like Alfie Wickers". Honestly, he is a legend! I wish my teachers told me how to cheat on exams, told me I could follow my dreams - however bizarre-, and make learning fun (however little learning they actually did). So if you are a teenager going through the stress of GCSE's -much like me- I would recommend watching Bad Education (between revision) and remember, laughter is the best medicine!

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